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Hygiene may be among the least controversial topics no one wants to talk about. I mean, it’s assumed, right? You could be of any geographic origin, any age or gender, Republican or Democrat, Giants or Dodgers fan – we’re all in favor of staying clean. And yet, you almost never talk about it in polite company.

Now, I’ve done a little research (in secret, of course) to uncover these items that could fill the gaps in our routines. Excited? I know I am. Feel free to read on. Just burn this when you’re done.

Oral Breeze Shower Breeze

Oral Breeze Showerbreeze – $38.95

Oral Breeze Showerbreeze 6′

Oral Breeze



Oral Breeze is a manufacturer of “oral irrigators,” gadgets to clean your teeth with a stream of forceful water, much like the well-known Waterpik. They’re not Waterpiks, of course, but the concept is the same.

This model allows you to clean your teeth while you clean the rest of you in the shower, which does a lot to keep your bathroom dry.

Here’s my personal story: A few years ago my periodontist (gum doctor) was concerned about a certain tooth, warning that unless its circumstances changed for the better, “something” would need to be done. He wouldn’t tell me what, but it was plenty ominous.

When he left the room, the hygienist recommended I try an oral irrigator. I did, and on my very next visit, the tooth had improved dramatically, and I never had to find out what he was threatening me with – all thanks to this little gadget. 

Phone Soap 3 Sanitizing Phone Charger

Phone Soap 3 Sanitizing Phone Charger – $74.95


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